Bluestar Eyecushions






Bluestar Eyecushions are designed and hand manufactured from the finest materials and standards. They fit the broadest range of professional movie and video camera eyepieces of any manufacturer in the world. Please download our latest Camera Eyecushion Selector Chart (see on the right side) in PDF format to select the size appropriate to your camera model. If your camera is not listed please review our Eyecushion Specs to help you verify the best suited eyecushion for your needs; feel free to contact us for technical support if further help is needed.

Chamois – genuine, oil-tanned English chamois is a natural, soft, undyed leather product.

Microfiber – top-quality Japanese microfiber is available in 8 colours. Colours allow for easy camera identification when more than one camera is being used (eg. “A” Camera – Red, “B” Camera – Blue).

Fleece – has a familiar feel and soft texture gentle to the skin; we also offer our fleece in a variety colours for your needs.


Stk.                    1-50pcs.      >50pcs.
large round:       4,50 €          3,40 €
small round       4,50 €           3,40 €
XL round           4,80 €           3,80 €
oval:                    4,80 €           3,80 €
oval large:          4,80 €           3,80 €
oval long:           4,80 €           3,80 €

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