LFL Test Projector

Large Format capable Lens Test Projektor


Technical Data

L x W x H: 500 x 270 x 310mm Weight: 30kg / 66 lbs.

  • Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Light source: 400W, 36V
  • Lamp socket: G6.35
Projection system:
  • A newly designed condenser lens array now results in a substantial increase in light throughput (approximately 100% / double the throughput) and a larger image circle with 60mm diameter.
  • This in turn allows for the use of larger reticles having a mechanical diameter of 80mm.
  • The light source and lens array have been combined into a movable unit having 50mm axial shift range. This allows for optimal positioning of the light cone to suit the format being examined.
  • The intensity of the light source can also be controlled (i.e. dimmed) independently.
Positioning of test screen (i.e. back focus):
  • Position of the reticle can be adjusted via remote control to +/- 1 mm. The position is easily readable via an integrated digital indicator dial.
  • The indicator dial unit can be set to store and recall a desired reference position. In this way, the offset to a given ideal ange distance can be determined with an accuracy of 0.001mm.
  • An optional accessory display can be placed for more comfortable operation when working with e.g. longer lenses.
Lens mount and reticle:

• A large, robust breech-lock system (similar in principle to PL) allows for interchange of various camera/lens mounts and avoids any rubbing between intermediate mounting surfaces.
If needed, both centering and parallelism alignment of the reticle can be performed without any troublesome disassembly of the projector.

Support and accessory interfaces:
  • Fischer socket 12V
  • Hirose for zoom on broadcast lenses
  • Flexible lens light with on/off
  • 19mm or 15mm (studio offset) iris rod mounts; rods can be pushed into projector, allowing for freedom with rod length positioning

Id-No.: GC.11700.0 

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