Gecko Rotating Plate Kit TD 3


Technical Datas:

Rotating plate:


wheel and disc device for smooth and non- jerky movements

slip friction clutch to protect the motor for overworking

to use with weights up to 100 kg

precision-motor-gear-block with 12V/0,5Amax

4 tapholes with thread diameters M5

Basis with 4 drill-holes for fastening (diameters: 8,3 mm)

dimensions:                 15,4 cm x 4 cm x 15,4 cm

weight:                        2,4 kg

material:                      aluminum




infinitely-variable speed adjustment

input voltage:              12 – 24 Volts

output voltage:            0 – 12 Volts, stabilized (DC-DC Converter)

input socket:               XLR, 4 pol., (Sony norm)

output socket: 6,35 mm audio plug




standard cable 2 pol.

plug:               two of 6,35 mm audio plug

length:             3 meters




input voltage:              100 – 240 Volts

output voltage:            12 Volts, stabilized

output:                        max. 1,3 Amps

adapter for Europe and United states included

adapter for other countries optionally available


1.980 €

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